Friday, 27 February 2015


4.5 out of 5 stars

Short stories, adventure, fantasy

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Reviewed by me as part of Rosie Amber's Book Review Team

As with most well constructed sequels, it is best to read the prequel first (in this case, the previous volume about The Assassin Without A Name, The Killing Knife), but not imperative.

I've just spent a very enjoyable couple of hours reading this.  The assassin attends a dinner party given by a society he wishes to infiltrate, which is where he meets the intriguing Gwendolyn Morgan and becomes involved in her fight with her brother, one of the assassin's clients.  But never mind my summary of the plot; I made notes when I was reading as I usually do, but they didn't do it justice.  You'll discover the rest of the plot for yourself when you read the book ~ my job is to say BUY THIS NOW if you love seriously good adventure in fantasy worlds not so unlike our own.  Or buy it because you love ingenious weaving of unguessable plot about-turns and skillful characterisation, especially if your preference is for those that make you say "I'd better go and download the next one" as soon as you've finished it!

I'm not a lover of fantasy fiction, generally, but Marlowe does that clever thing that only truly talented writers of this genre do: he makes his imagined world so believable that it all seems just as feasible as the one in which we live.  His hero is super smart and witty and the story itself is a gem, but the beauty of this book lies in the smooth, amusing prose that seems almost effortless.  The Goddard Affair reminded me of Roald Dahl's My Uncle Oswald (a book most definitely for adults, not one of his children's stories!).

I can say no more except that this is one classy writer - highly recommended.

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  1. Another fab review, so glad you have been enjoying this series.

  2. I am indeed, Rosie - I hope you get to read them too, if you ever get time!