Wednesday, 30 September 2015

QUARTERLY ROUND UP: July - Sept 2015

Out of the many books I've read in July, August and September, these are the ones I have picked for my Top Ten.  I've given all these books at least 4.5 stars.  There are others on the blog with this rating, too, and plenty of good books that have received 4* (or less) that might appeal to you just as much; it's very hard to choose ten but I like to do this to give another shout-out for books I think are particularly good ~ it's all very much a matter of personal taste, of course :)

Please click the title of the book for the review; they're in no particular order.

1.  Past Encounters by Davina Blake

World War II and 1950s drama

2.  No More Mulberries by Mary Smith 

 Family drama set in Afghanistan

3.  An Unlamented Death by William Savage

18th century murder mystery

4.  Over The Hill and Far Away by Jo Carroll

 Travel memoir

 Plantagent/Tudor drama

6.  The Prodigal by Nicky Black

 Gritty Geordie crime drama

7. Forbidden Alliance by Katrina Mountfort

 2nd part of YA post apocalyptic trilogy

8.  Any Man Joe by Robert Leigh

Vigilante thriller

9.  Public Battles, Private Wars by Laura Wilkinson

1980s family drama during the miners' strike 

10.  Spirit of the Highway by Deborah Swift

17th Century English Civil War drama


  1. How very kind - and what great company I find myself it. Thank you so much, Terry.

  2. Thanks so much Terry, must have missed this before. Just bought Tony's book - but might be a while before I get to it. Looks great.

    1. You're most welcome, I sneaked two of yours in, had to! I love that you're supportive to indie pub writers even though you are so much more successful - a rare trait! :)