Tuesday, 27 December 2016

RUN by Blake Crouch @blakecrouch1

4.5 out of 5 stars

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How I discovered this book: I'd loved Abandon, didn't like Snowbound half so much, but perused his titles on Amazon and the subject matter of this one appealed.

Nothing I love to read about more than post apocalyptic survival, so this novel was a box ticker as soon as I read the blurb.  The US has degenerated into a killing field in a matter of days, and no one knows why (it's revealed early on, by the way).  Worse, those not intent on killing cannot tell the goodies from the baddies.  Jack Colclough is forced to flee with his family, and Run takes us through their breathtaking, horrifying race northwards from Albuquerque.  It's one hell of a page turner, and I read it all in one day.  

The downsides: 1Tense/verb participle inconsistencies (though I realise a stylistic thing to add tension, and it kind of works)2.  The unlikely coincidence of him and his wife meeting up again days after they were separated; I will say no more, but Montana is a big place (it's to do with the particular town being special to them, but I felt that Crouch had thought of this at the last minute to make it feasible).  Not to mention just happening to run into a certain someone from Albuquerque there, too (if you're not familiar with the geography of the US, look up New Mexico and see how far it is from Montana).  3.  The amazing shooting skills of people who have previously never held a gun.  BUT!!!  Unlike in Snowbound, this book was so good that I was unable to suspend my disbelief. 

I liked the way that the novel just plunges in, without build up, to Day 5, when everywhere is mayhem - the blurb is the prologue, in a way, and it's not all explained, but you get the picture as it goes along.  Also liked the idea that not much backstory is given about Jack and Dee's previous life; it's no longer relevant.  The fear, tension and desperation is very well done indeed.  I also liked this new take on a pandemic - a bit like the 'Rage' virus of 28 Days Later, but the baddies still have all their mental faculties.

Not quite sure if I'm all Crouched out for the time being or not.  Yeah, I'll probably try another one.  If you like exciting, dangerous stories of survival against terrifying odds, and aren't too picky about them being great literature, you'll love this.



  1. Excellent and interesting review, as usual.
    Thanks for sharing, Terry.

  2. Haven’t seen this one but I think it’ll be on the list!

    1. Yes, I really liked it, Cathy. I discovered it when I'd just given up on Snowbound! I'd be most interested to hear what you think; there were a couple of other irritations, but not review-worthy, as they'd only have been relevant to those who'd already read it. I 'couldn't put it down', anyway, and was a bit at sea about what to read next, afterwards!