Thursday, 14 May 2015

Id by P. Craig

3.5 out of 5 stars

Psychological thriller

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This is a good idea, and an unusual structure that I have read before and liked (and, indeed, have written myself). It's an ingenious psychological study of a killer, with the story unravelling backwards; you can actually read it the other way round!   The book is only just novel length, being 51K words long (under 50K is a novella).

Id is very well written and I kept reading even when it dragged slightly, because I needed to see what happened. I was impressed by the use of language and the insight into the subject; the beginning really gripped me. For me, it was a bit long on description of inner turmoil and short on actual events, though this is only a personal preference; this guy can certainly write. A bit more variation would have made it a real winner, I think, and much more commercial, though you can only write the book you want to write, of course!  I'd still recommend it for those who like this genre. Yes, it's gory in places, but the blurb clearly warns of this - if you're put off by gore (I'm not), then perhaps it's not for you.  I only say this because one review complained about it - duh!!!

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