Saturday, 9 May 2015

My new review category (perhaps Amazon ought to adopt it, too!)

It's this:

5 GOLD STARS ~ for the books that I didn't just love, I seriously loved! 

Yes, like everyone else I find the 5 star rating system far too limiting, which is why I give .5 ratings, and even sometimes .2 or .8, because sometimes a book is better than 4 stars but nowhere near 5 stars, or nearly 5 stars but not quite, or not good enough for 4 stars but better than 3, etc etc etc.

The other day I was thinking, though, that some books are not just worth 5 stars but are so excellent I want to say that bit more about them.  Which is why I introduced my 5 GOLD STARS, for my very favourites.  Sometimes I'll give a book 5 stars even though there are a couple of things I didn't like about it, if the rest of it is really good, but if a book has the gold star rating, it means that I loved everything about it, wanted to carry on reading it when it got to the end, am dying to know what happened next (if part of a series), and may well bore people going on about how much it blew me away! 

Oddly for one as picky as me, I can still, on occasion, give a book 5 gold stars if it has a few (but not too many) proofreading errors; we all make mistakes, and they can be fixed with a more diligent proofreader (such as @ProofreadJulia or @WendyProof).  Consistent grammatical errors such as THIS ONE or bad editing are more likely to make me mark down than a few typos or the occasional missed word.  But generally it's the quality of the writing, the intelligence with which a book is presented, the spark of genuine talent, that makes me say "I adored this book", and abandon my own work so I can carry on reading it. 

Click HERE for my 5 Gold Star books so far.  There's more than one page of them; you can click 'older posts' at the bottom to see the rest.

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