Sunday, 26 June 2016

HERE WE STAND 2: DIVIDED by Frank Tayell (Surviving the Evacuation Series)

4.5 out of 5 stars

Zombie Apocalypse series, US

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I was really looking forward to this as soon as I'd read book one, so leapt on this when it came out.  I read it in one day, it's really good!

The first half of the book tells of Tom and Helena's struggles through the newly zombie infected landscape of Pennsylvania and surrounding states, and they meet up with some other travellers, all of them heading to Maine, where Tom's hideaway cottage by the sea is situated.  But then the dastardly Powell catches up with him..... added to the zombies, Tom also has to battle against his deadly enemies, and then the after effects of a nuclear attack.  I won't say anymore because it'll give the plot away, but it's pretty gripping, and I couldn't put it down!  

I wasn't so interested in the conspiracy underlying Powell and co's plan to grab power, perhaps because it became irrelevant once America was on its knees, but there were hints that all is not over on that front, and I expect all to be explained later in the STE series set in England, of which I have only read four books.  This is more than just a fighting-the-zombies-blood-and-gore type of book, as Tom has other quests of his own.  At his most desperate and lonely, the atmosphere and his feelings about the end of the world and life itself are so well written.

This series is always unpredictable and never boring, well thought out, and I recommend it highly if you're into the post apocalypse genre.

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