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LADY OF THE HIGHWAY by Deborah Swift

5 out of 5 stars

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This is the third book in the Highway Trilogy, and is every bit as good as the last two.  As I have a terrible memory I am probably the ideal person to review series; I could remember next to no details about the last two books, but this episode is so well put together that it could be read as a stand alone.  I'd suggest reading the first two as well, though, simply because they're so good!

It's YA, but, as with the other two parts, I wasn't that aware of it being a book for teenagers (which would have put me off).  It tells the end story of Lady Katherine Fanshawe, which is based on truth but given much fictional detail by Deborah Swift; there is a author's note of a few pages at the end to explain much of the history, which you may or may not want to read first.

The story itself is gripping, quite dark, a real page-turner, and as beautifully written as all this author's books.  Kate Fanshawe is a heroine who will appeal to many; she's a fighter, but so many things go disastrously wrong for her in a world where young women of noble stock are seen by everyone as little more than something to be bartered and bought.  As events take a more desperate turn I felt angry with her for the way she treated her loyal maid, Abigail, and her lovely groom, Cutch; brave of Ms Swift to make her not always likeable, but my sympathy was with her for most of the time, her good intentions were misunderstood, and she made bad decisions only out of desperation - I can't say too much for fear of giving the plot away.

The characters and history are so real, and there is a hint of the supernatural throughout the book, which worked very well.  I thoroughly enjoyed this whole trilogy and recommend it for readers of all ages.  

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. 

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