Tuesday, 26 July 2016


5 GOLD stars

Travel memoir: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

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I've read all of Jo Carroll's travel memoirs and loved every one, and this is no exception; I think I loved it as much as my previous favourite (Bombs and Butterflies, about Laos, which I read as part of her paperback incorporating three books, called From The Inside Looking Out).

What I enjoy about the way Jo Carroll writes about is that she brings the country alive, not by clever, researched facts or wordy descriptions but by the deceptively simple way she describes the local people and the way in which they live.  Every time, she makes me want to visit that country, which is what a travel book should be all about, isn't it?  Her love for Ecuador in this book shone through so much, and brought tears to my eyes on several occasions (sometimes they were tears of envy!).

She's funny, sometimes, with her observations of her guides and her fellow travellers, and very down to earth; I've said before that her style reminds me of Bill Bryson's.  But she also talks about the problems within the country, the charm of the people, the wonder of her surroundings, the joys and difficulties of being a lone traveller.  When I read about the Galapagos Islands I almost started packing a bag, and her tales of the less populated areas of Ecuador made me want to go and live there, too.

It's a short, delightful book which I enjoyed so much I know I'll read it again.  Would be lovely if there were pictures too, but they're not necessary.   

After the Earthquake (Nepal) is reviewed HERE, with links to From The Inside Looking Out (Laos, Cuba and Nepal) and Over the Hills and Far Away.

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  1. So pleased you enjoyed this, Terry - almost as much as I loved Ecuador??