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4.5 out of 5 stars

Post Apocalypse/Zombies

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I was so looking forward to this after reading the eight Broken World books.  This takes place twenty years later, when Megan, the daughter of the heroes of the previous series (Vivian and Axl) is struggling through her days in the dark and sinister New Atlanta.  Her father is missing, her mother has lapsed into a strange twilight zone, and so many questions are going unanswered as she begins to realise how corrupt and dangerous the government of the new settlement truly is.

The story is in some ways the opposite from those currently in vogue, with unforeseen twists (not least of all those written by me....!); I liked the way Kate Mary has done this, so that the reader knows more than the two narrators, Megan, and haunted convict and fighter, Donaghy.  It really works, as gradually they begin to piece together what we can already see, and Megan finds out some of the stuff we read about in the previous series.  There's plenty of new intrigue to keep those pages turning, too!  

I guessed the identity of the mysterious gray man immediately, but it didn't spoil it for me at all (and I was wrong about Glitter!).  I liked the brief inclusion of one of my favourite characters from Broken World, Jim; he said what I was just thinking, ie, that the survivors' old homes in Colorado had been, on the face of it, more basic and more dangerous, but seem like paradise in retrospect, when compared with the dark and depressing new civilisation.  I loved seeing all the old gang together at the end, but I shall say no more for fear of 'spoilers'.

Any negatives?  I found some of the dialogue a little unrealistically information heavy at the beginning, but when considering how difficult it must have been to weave in the back story of a whole series, I could deal with that.  My only other very slight complaint is that there wasn't much difference between the 'voices' of Megan and Donaghy, who take the helm in alternative chapters, to the extent that once or twice I forgot which point of view I was reading from, which was a little confusing.  Generally, Kate Mary's characterisation is excellent, though, and I still loved the book ~ and can't wait to see what happens next.  I daresay I am one of the readers to whom Kate referred in her author's note at the back, who badger her for more; I shall unashamedly continue to do so!  That's me drumming my fingers on my closed Kindle, waiting for the next one....

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