Friday, 28 December 2018

THE STAND by Stephen King (original edition) @StephenKing

5 GOLD stars

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How I discovered this book: it was recommended to me by book blogger Mrs Bloggs The Average Reader after she read my book Tipping Point.

In a Nutshell: Post Apocalyptic, worldwide pandemic, battle between good and evil.

This should really have gone on my Top 20 Books of 2018 post, but I hadn't expected to read another so excellent when I did my rundown the other week; it was an impulse read!

I know it's a classic, so probably doesn't need too much description, but in case you don't know, the story is thus: a pandemic is accidentally released from a lab, and kills almost everyone, worldwide.  The book follows the stories of several characters who prove to be immune, and their journeys both physical and personal.  All are having strange dreams, drawing them either to Nebraska, where an old woman, Mother Abagail, awaits them, or to Las Vegas, where the 'dark man' is planning his new world.  It can be read as either a battle between God and the devil, or, if you don't believe in all that stuff (I don't), about the battle between good and evil within man.

I read the original version, which was a mighty tome in itself; there is an extended version showing all the back stories of some characters that were originally cut out by the editor.  I've read reviews that say the extended version is not so well put together, and contradicts itself, so I decided on the original.  As it was, every back story did not pull me out of the main plot but had me totally engrossed.  My favourite parts were the slow unfolding of the virus in the first 20%, and the last 15%, which involved the inevitable long post apocalyptic journey, with all its struggles and near-death experiences.  It's a terrific book, and I was gripped throughout.  Recommend most highly, and thank you, Mrs B, for putting me onto it!


  1. My thoughts exactly, Terry. It was a load to get through, but extremely powerful. I can see where you would really relate to this story based on your Project Renova Series!

    1. There are some bits in Tipping Point that seem like they've actually been ripped off from it, Noelle - good thing I can honestly claim I didn't read it until now!