Monday, 17 December 2018

My Top 20 Books of 2018

My book blog tells me that I've reviewed 72 books on the blog this year; there are others I've reviewed just on Amazon, and probably half as many again that I've started but not finished for whatever reason.  I love it when it's time to select my favourites of the year, and hope you enjoy perusing my choices.  

About my Top 20
  • Please click the book's title to see my review, with Amazon links.
  • All those chosen are books to which I awarded 4.5*, 5*, or my occasional 5 Gold Stars, for the very best.
  • Numbers 20-11 are in no particular order, but I've done a proper countdown for the Top Ten, as I think it's more fun, and I like to name my very favourite book of the year. 🏆
  • All come highly recommended!

(previously called Clone Crisis)
YA SciFi/Dystopian

Family Saga 

18. THE SWOOPING MAGPIE by Liza Perrat
 1970s Aussie drama about unmarried mothers

Horror/SciFi Thriller


Showbiz memoir

by Barb Taub
Humour, articles

Post Apocalyptic

Psychological Thriller

True crime: serial killers


~ The Top Ten Countdown~

Fantasy, Dystopian

Memoir: escape from North Korea

Memoir: hiking the Appalachian Trail


Relationship drama/memoir

 ⭐ ~ The Top Five ~ ⭐

Five: three wonderful historical novellas from different eras, all connected by the Pembrokeshire mansion in which they take place.

Four: the sixth in this marvellous series of Victorian murder mysteries; each one is a stand-alone, but you should read them all! 

In 3rd place: actually two books, but they go together: the final two parts of the only series you need to read about Anne Boleyn.

The runner-up: the international best seller, about who we are, where we come from, why we do what we do and what we might do next!

🌟🌟 ~ My favourite book of 2018 ~ 🌟🌟
One of the best historical novels I've ever read, set in the 17th century London  of Samuel Pepys.  I recommend reading my review and buying it immediately!

 Thank you, and enjoy!


  1. Great list, Terry :) We’ve doubled up on quite a few again!

    1. Don't we always?! Look forward to seeing your list :)

  2. Fantastic list, TT. I only know a couple of these, so I need to investigate!

  3. Great list. I've read some thanks to your recommendation, mostly, and I've been curious about some of the others. I am never organised enough for a list, but like yours a lot. And I'm off to check a few of the ones I haven't read... Thanks, Terry! ;)

    1. You're welcome, thanks for looking - and yes, we often have similar tastes! x

  4. Thank you Terry! Honoured to be on your list. I loved taht Sapiens book too...sooo interesting and explains a lot about why we are as we are today

  5. I thought Sapiens was an excellent read!

  6. It's things like this that keep me writing. THANK YOU!