Wednesday, 14 January 2015

BANKERS TOWN by Joel Hames

 3 out of 5 stars

Thriller, financial

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I was a bit disappointed by this - it was one of those books that I buy just through seeing a tweet! Fabulous title, cover and the phrase 'not everyone will make it to drinks on Friday' in the blurb which was what really sold it to me.

My fault, I suppose, for making my mind up what a book was going to be like. I'd imagined a sharp, fast, very readable adventure/thriller (The Job and The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy come to mind) but whereas the writing style is slick, polished and witty, I felt it was far too long-winded, with financial details that will perhaps only be of interest to those who live in this world, or certainly who know a lot about it. I felt it presumed too much knowledge on behalf of the reader. I had to force myself to read and absorb some of the detail so I would understand the plot, but felt as if I was reading a boring text book at times.

Having said all that, it's well written in other ways and the character of Alex Konniger is an excellent one. However, I do think that the inclusion of so much financial minutiae has removed this novel's mainstream blockbuster potential, and slipped it into 'niche market'. For anyone who loves this sort of book, though, I'd say that Bankers Town would be massively up your street.

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