Wednesday 7 January 2015

MAD WORLD by Kate L Mary

About 4.8 out of 5 stars

Zombie apocalypse

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Definitely the best of the trilogy, which got better as it went along!

What made Mad World superior to the first two parts was, I thought, the inclusion of the alternate points of view of the two main characters, Vivian and Axl. Axl's my favourite character in it, and it was great to see the chain of events from his point of view, as the group's supposed safe haven falls apart. The 'voices' of him and Vivian were very different, as were their attitudes to the other people in the group.

I thought the relating of the action really stepped up in this book; I could visualise it more. It's got everything - near death misses, hopeless situations, tragic losses, the satisfaction of revenge; there's quite a lot of moral stuff going on in it too, I think, if you read between the lines a bit. Some of the reviews on .com said that there was too much love/sex stuff between Vivian and Axl, but I disagree; for a start off there wasn't all that much, and it was all very real, their feelings for each other adding to the urgency of every situation. It also added hope; that people could find times of happiness under such circumstances.

I was delighted, when I got to the end of the book, to read that part 4, Lost World, will be out in April. Kate Mary, I want you to tell me IMMEDIATELY it comes out! There's so much more story to be told - this one could keep on running. 

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