Sunday, 4 January 2015


4.5 out of 5 stars

Zombie Apocalypse

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I liked this one better than the first book in the series, Broken World, because it had more of the author's own ideas in it and less that were obviously inspired by The Walking Dead. It was interesting to see how different personalities adapt to the new circumstances, all of which I felt was pretty realistic, especially in the way that every day worries still come to the fore - just things like, for instance, heroine Vivian's fear that her beloved Axl will fancy the former movie star who happens to be holed up with them!

Axl's a great character - Kate Mary doesn't say much to describe him but he really comes across, a sign of smart writing. I love the relationship between him and Vivian; you can feel the passion between them. I also like how Vivian softens towards his obnoxious brother, Angus, whose more positive characteristics start to shine through in this second book.  Oh, and how could you not love Hadley, the aforementioned movie star?  Clever not to have portrayed her as spoilt, with a sense of entitlement.

The only negative I can see in the book is the inclusion of a meeting with a person from one of the characters' pasts (I don't want to say any more), which I thought was completely unfeasible, far too much of a coincidence. It actually made me say, "Oh, come ON!" out loud! But I enjoyed this, it's jolly good and the tension really works - onto the third one!

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  1. I like the book cover simple but effective.

  2. Yes, me too, they're a good three!