Thursday 29 January 2015



Native American History, Adventure

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You can read a fascinating interview with Zoe about her research for this series, on A Woman's Wisdom blog HERE

What a wonderful story!  This is a real adventure, one of those that keeps giving hope, only to plunge the reader into that 'oh, no, it's all going to go wrong' fear a moment later.  

The third in the series telling a fictional version of the true story of the forming of the Great League of the Five Nations (the Iroquois), this is the most exciting so far, as Two Rivers and sidekick Tekeni struggle cross land and water to deliver the message of peace to the various tribes, encountering resistance on the way.  It's also an amazing two pronged love story, though, as young warrior Tekeni and his love Seketa search for each other, and the great Messenger of peace, Two Rivers, comes to terms with his love for Onheda.  Be prepared for tears in your eyes at about 90%, but I won't give away any more!

There is a marvellous quality to Zoe Saadia's writing in these stories that I can't quite put my finger on; it's as though the 'voice' could be a native American telling this tale around a camp fire; I suspect she might have been one such in a past life!  The narration is so clear, the prose never contrived.  The ending, the coming together of the Great Law is incredibly moving, and, as in the previous book, made me wish I lived in this simpler time with these people.  It made me sad, too, thinking about what happened to them in more recent history, though that is perhaps not to be dwelt upon in a review of this book.  I am sure it will make you feel the same, though.  

Excellent, and I hope I shall get to read the last in the series before too long, after which I shall want to read the People of the Longhouse series, too.  

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  1. Really great sounding series, can't wait to get reading them myself.

  2. Oh yes, Rosie, they flow along effortlessly!

  3. Awww thank you, ladies. You are too kind!!! Thank you! :-) :-) :-)
    (I can't stop rereading this particular review, Terry, just can't!)