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Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, SciFi, Horror

Gabriel is sixteen, and has been living in a bunker inside a mountain since the world went to hell ten years before ~ he and his classmates were on a school trip to the White House on what turned out to be the Last Day.  The US President was already dead from the virus, but the newly sworn-in replacement insisted that the children should be saved too, and taken to the bunker.  Now, Gabriel goes out scavenging for anything that can help the inhabitants of Eden survive.  Outside, the world is cold, silent, where ash storms rage.  No one know what started the virus that precipitated the end....

I loved this book.  It's one of those stories that builds up gradually, so that, chapter by chapter, you begin to understand why the situation is as it is now, and this makes it a real page-turner.  The narrative goes back and forth between then and now, which is one of my favourite structures.  The sense of suspense is so good, all the way through, as Gabriel begins to uncover the truth about his situation.  Much of the book is taken up with the trips outside Eden that Gabriel makes with former soldier Marv; there is much practical detail that in a less well-written book would be boring, but R A Hakok had me glued to every page.

Alongside Gabriel's story is that of Eliza, an analyst sent to Korea back before the Last Day, to look at the nuclear reactors.  But she has another, far more sinister mission to complete.  Slowly, the two plot threads come together.

The action really revs up in the last 20%, and the ending is great, making it a complete story but kind of a cliffhanger as well - now excuse me while I go and download the next one!


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