Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Quarterly Round-Up: April-June 2016

I have reviewed 30 books on this blog during the last quarter; here is my Top Ten.  To see the full review of a book mentioned, with buy links, please click on the title of the book.  The list is in no particular order, though I would name the first as my favourite (without doubt the best book I've read so far this year).  Another great quarter, with some real gems and new discoveries - and some hard choices to make for this list!

1.  La Petite Boulain by Gemma Lawrence

Novel based on the early life of Anne Boleyn

2. This Rough Ocean by Ann Swinfen

Adventure during the English Civil War

3. Flood by Ann Swinfen

17th Century Fenlanders rise up against plans to drain their lands

4. Betrayal by Ann Swinfen

The sequel to 'Flood'

5. The Disobedient Wife  by Annika Milisic Stanley

Contemporary drama set in Tajikistan

 A choice from the Rosie Amber Review Team list

6. Forgotten World by Kate L Mary 

Zombie Apocalypse set in the US

7. Broken Stories by Kate L Mary

Short story outtakes from the Broken World series

8. Back Home by Tom Williams

Crime in Victorian London

 A choice from Rosie Amber's Review Team

9. The Dead City by Dylan J Morgan (beta read)

Dystopian/SciFi adventure in a post apocalyptic, imaginary world 

10.Lady of the Highway  by Deborah Swift

17th Century YA adventure 

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