Sunday, 27 November 2016

All at 99p (and couple of free ones)! Great books for under £1 each ~ genuine recommendations

I've got something for anyone currently spending their book budget on Christmas shopping ~ all the books listed below are permanently under £1!  They're genuine recommendations, books I've enjoyed and rated highly, not just a random selection of cheapies.  A click on the title will (in most cases) take you to my review, which includes buy links to Amazon.  A couple I have not reviewed on this blog, in which case the link will just go to Amazon.

I've also included links to the books of my own that are permanently on sale at 99p, and a couple that are permanently free, too :)

First, some outstanding historical fiction: The Bastard Princess by Gemma Lawrence.  The early years of Elizabeth I.

Wonderful short stories set in Suffolk: Sandlands by Rosy Thornton

Gangster thrills and spills in LA: Hollywood Shakedown by Mark Barry.

**FREE from Feb 25-27!**
My novella about three writers struggling to make it, with a few moral dilemmas: Best Seller 

Doesn't get any funnier than this!  Barb Taub's memoir of her travels in India ~ Do Not Wash Hands In Plates

More short stories, this time set in zombie apocalypse ~ a terrific collection, and I've read all the other books in the series, too! Broken Stories by Kate L Mary. 

The first part of the highly acclaimed romantic suspense/mystery Grayson trilogy by Georgia Rose: A Single Step

And more excellent short stories: What Tim Knows by Wendy Janes

My novella Round and Round: one woman, four men, and a guardian angel.  It's one of those 'what would have happened if I'd taken the other path' stories! 

Epic fantasy ~ the first part of the Storm trilogy by Antony Lavisher ~ Whispers of a Storm

I loved this Brexit thriller novella by Joel Hames: Brexecution

My two novels about a rock band, and various love triangles: Dream On and Full Circle

Very good long short story about a life not lived: Doppelganger by Jenny Twist

...and another long short story, this one a psychological thriller, very good indeed. The Kindness of Neighbours by Matthew Iden.

Great memoir about life on the waterways ~ Watery Ways by Val Poore. 

Last of all, my own collection of short stories: Nine Lives.

These two are permanently FREE!

Wonderful classic The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Witch hunts in the 17th century ~ this is an awesome novelette length prelude to the main book: Blackwater by Alison Williams

 Hope you find something here that appeals :)


  1. Thanks so much T, I'm honoured that my book is on the list :-)So many for me to check through and add to my kindle as well #HappyDays!! :D

  2. Thanks ever so much for including Tim on the list, Terry. I see some titles I've already read and others I'm going to check out. :)

  3. Thanks so very much, TT! Like Georgia, I'm honoured to be on the list too. A great idea! And I think I'll be indulging in a few of these too!

  4. Thank you :) (and very illustrious company too!)

  5. An excellent selection, a few of which I haven't read.

    1. Well, that's good! I LOVE introducing books I love to others :)