Tuesday 10 March 2020

SUBJECT A36 by Teri Polen @tpolen6

4 out of 5 stars

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How I discovered this book: I have 'met' the writer through Twitter; she was asking if anyone would like an ARC.  The subject matter interested me, so I said yes please!

In a Nutshell: YA Dystopian, genetic engineering.

I admit that I didn't realise this book was YA when I went for it—my fault!  It's about some time in the future when the fortunate (the rich) of an unnamed place in the US live in 'The Colony', and where they can pay for genetic engineering to ensure their families have the best health and looks.  The book starts with Asher, as a boy, having to flee from an army after him and his sisters to harvest their genes.  In chapter two, he is seventeen, and an operative with the insurgents, who free children captured for gene harvesting, aiming to reunite them with their families where possible.  

The other main character, who has his own POV chapter, is Oz; a bit of a misfit, humourous; I liked him.  

Asher and his people discover that The Colony is searching for a certain person, known as Subject A36—and the fight is on.

This is a very 'easy read', and the writing flows very well indeed.  I am not the ideal person to review it as I am over 45 years older than the audience for which it was intended, but I am sure that if I was between 11 and 14 it would be right up my street!  It's a good story, imaginative, and far from entirely unfeasible.


  1. There are a number of YA books I've enjoyed, so if YOU find this book imaginative and well- written, I'm sure a lot of the YA crowd will like it!

  2. I just found this - thrilled you enjoyed it, Terry! And such a coincidence - I just sat down to write the review for Blackthorn, lol. Loved it - and anxious for the next book. Thanks for the review!