Sunday 8 August 2021

LIFE IS LIKE A MOSAIC by Sally Cronin @sgc58 #MondayBlogs

5 GOLD stars

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How I discovered this book: the author sent me a PDF, but then I bought it anyway because I wanted a proper Kindle copy.

In a Nutshell: Poetry and Pictures

I am somewhat blown away by this book - it's a work of art. 

The first part is a series of pictures - art, landscape, animals, birds, the fantastical, abstract, flowers, random objects, all sorts - each coupled with a short piece of free verse.  The poems are so clever, often just a few lines that encapsulate an idea, convey a piece of ponder-worthy wisdom, or paint a story in a flash-fiction fashion.  It's a delight from start to finish.  I believe Sally Cronin is producing hardbacks in the not too distant future; I will be purchasing several for presents.  And one for myself :)

Some of my favourites are astute comments on the darker side of the life we live now - notable are Scepticism, Westward-Two and The Future?.  Another repeated theme is that of ageing - I love Ageism and the last verse of Birthdays, in particular.  I name Ageism and Scepticism as joint winners!

The lovely Spices takes us into the second part, which consists of longer poems about Sally's life.  My favourite of these is The Lure of the Waltzer, which made me think of my early teenage years.

(reproduced with author's permission)

and spirit
strive not to lose
the urge to explore
outside the barriers
created by young ageists
who dictate terms of existence
for those who have reached a certain age
they forget
who created
the technology
medical advances
and freedoms they now enjoy
are they scared that once set adrift
we might just show them a thing or two?

Take a look on Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature - the book is so perfectly presented.  In an ideal world, the hardback ought to be on display in high street shops at Christmas with all those 'little books of wisdom' type publications, because it's better than any that I've seen!

Sally Cronin is the author of fifteen books including her memoir Size Matters: Especially when you weigh 330lb first published in 2001. This has been followed by another fourteen books both fiction and non-fiction including multi-genre collections of short stories and poetry.

Her latest release, Life is Like a Mosaic: Random fragments in harmony is a collection of 50 + images and poems on life, nature, love and a touch of humour.

As an author she understands how important it is to have support in marketing books and offers a number of FREE promotional opportunities in the Café and Bookstore on her blog and across her social media.

Her podcast shares book reviews and short stories Soundcloud Sally Cronin

After leading a nomadic existence exploring the world, she now lives with her husband on the coast of Southern Ireland enjoying the seasonal fluctuations in the temperature of the rain.


  1. Thank you Terry, I was not expecting to see today so double thrilled and it has ended/started the week in a very memorable way. Love the review and will proudly add to my book page on the blog and brag about it everywhere I can..Have a wonderful week..xx

  2. I am not surprised at all that Sally has given us another winner. She is such an outstanding writer and is living an incredible life! Not to mention her generosity to other writers...

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    2. Thanks very much Noelle for your kind comment... hugs xx

    3. Did I say something wrong to have my comment removed?

    4. Not sure what you mean, Noelle? I haven't removed any comment from you. Sorry, don't understand!!

  3. A wonderful review of Sally's book, Terry. I have always felt that in the UK the war generation is greatly revered. They contributed so much to the UK that exists today.

    1. It is a lovely review Robbie and delighted.. I am afraid that the second generation after the war does not get the same respect but we do at least have the opportunity to make our presence felt in other ways...hugsx

    2. Ha ha - oh dear, does that make us the 'war generation'??!! I was born 14 years after, just a year younger than Sally, I believe!!

  4. Thank you for this very nice review. Sally knows how to inspire, with each of her books. No matter how different the topic may appear, it always hits the spot. Have a nice week! xx Michael

  5. Sally has the perfect touch, and I think you're right and this will make a perfect present, Terry. Thanks for sharing your great review.

    1. I know, I'm rather excited about them, and thinking who will be the lucky recipients!!

  6. Thanks very much Terry for boosting your review for the collection...♥