Saturday 4 July 2015

SURVIVAL (Great Bitten Book 2) by Warren Fielding

4 out of 5 stars

Zombie Apocalypse

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The prequel to this book, Outbreak, was the first of this genre I read, and I loved it ~ this was when I discovered that zombie apocalypse books aren't a load of childish comic book nonsense, but are all about the ways in which human nature reacts to the world turning upside down.  There is a link to my review, below.

I've since discovered through reading lots more post apocalyptic books (not all zombie orientated) that there are many plot standards, and Survival deals with one of them, ie, the discovery of a 'safe haven' community that turns out to be something other than is initially perceived.  Dawn Peers (Warren Fielding is the protagonist's name) has done a bit more with it than most, though.  The character of Warren is great, I could really get along with this guy!  All her characters are clearly defined, I could 'see' them all.  

Ms Peers is an excellent, sharp, insightful writer, she has so much of the basic storytelling knack, and this book didn't bore me for a moment; I'll definitely read the next one.  As far as the genre goes, it's got oodles of zombie stuff going on for people who like theirs packed with goo and gore, but enough of the character relationships/philosophical thought business, too.  I've only given it 4* rather than the 5* it could have had, though, because I felt it needed another redraft to tighten it up, and perhaps a final copy edit to get rid of the missing punctuation, occasional grammar error, and to add the occasional 'I said' or 'Rich said' in the long streams of dialogue; I had to trace back to see who was talking, several times.  A copy editor might also advise against calling two main characters Rich and Rick - that was seriously confusing.  

I'd most certainly recommend this book if you like this genre - and I'd love to see that final polish on the work of this writer, to do it justice. 

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