Sunday 20 March 2016


3.5 out of 5 stars

5th century English historical fiction/Romance/YA

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Reviewed by me as part of Rosie Amber's Review Team 

This novel is British historical fiction set in the 5th Century, with many fictional characters and places.  At the beginning, Alden du Lac, once king of Cerniw (Cornwall, I believe), has been captured by the Saxons. 

I'd say this is definitely more of a book for teenagers/young adults, as the characters are of that age, and it's more of a historical (fantasy) romance than fiction about the historical period in time per se; the focus of the book is the relationship between Alden and his rebel Saxon saviour, Annis.  Although it's in two 'teen and young adult' categories on Amazon, the blurb does not make clear that it's aimed at this age group.  Note to publisher!

For the most part, it's well written (I found myself thinking 'oh good' when I started reading it), though there were a few instances of bad English that should have been picked up by a copy editor/proofreader.  But on the whole it's very well presented throughout. 

There's a fair bit of good atmospheric detail and the characters are sufficiently convincing, Annis being one of those great role models for girls, but I'd say it's for lovers of history based escapism (of which it is a good example) rather than the reader of serious histfic.  If you're a young reader of the former, I'm sure you'll love it!


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