Wednesday, 27 July 2016


4.5 out of 5 stars

Zombie Apocalypse, US

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'For all the fans who aren't ready to let go of the Broken World series yet...'

You know a series is working for you when you've read the 8th book in it! I was so pleased to spot this on Amazon, a 'side' story about Jim and new character Amira from Kate Mary's Broken World series ~ I'd wondered what happened to Jim!  Good to see a bit more about the sinister, terrifying group called The Watchers, too...

I bought this yesterday afternoon and finished it at 10 this morning, couldn't put it down.  I loved Jim in the last book, and Amira is great, too, a deaf girl who was waiting for her father to return from a food run.  I would have given it the full five stars because I think the writing in this series is getting better and better, if it wasn't for the slightly overdone sexual tension thing between Amira and Jim; Kate Mary writes it very well, it's realistic, and the growing love between them makes their quest for safety more urgent, but there's just too much of it in this book.  I like zombie apocalypse series because I want to read about survival, adventures, extreme circumstances, the worst of humanity and the best pulling through; if I wanted pages of love and desire I'd buy romantic suspense!  But it's mostly concentrated in the middle, after which it's back to the story.

The popularity of these books indicates how good they are ~ and I am still not ready to let go of the Broken World series, Kate, so any time you feel like writing a bit more....(especially about The Watchers!) :)

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