Sunday 10 July 2016


4.5 out of 5 stars

Thriller novella about the EU Referendum

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This was a jolly good few hours' read!  Brexecution is a fast moving thriller set during the few days following the results of the EU referendum.  At the heart of it are a corrupt banker or two, a high level politician, sadistic thug, a London cab driver and a girl in a Marilyn Monroe wig.  It's amazingly well written considering how quickly it was (br)executed, but then Joel Hames has intelligent thriller-writing talent in spades, and not without a little humour.

Some of the events unfold a little over-smoothly, but that's what stories like these are made of, after all; some of the most outlandish secrets are frighteningly possible, even likely, suggesting that there is a lot more (and a lot darker) stuff involved in the governing of this country than is known to the common man.  The plot fits perfectly into the novella format, which is an art in itself.

A few writers may leap on the referendum bandwagon to produce a highly topical novel, in weeks to come, but once you've read this you'll applaud Mr Hames for being in the driving seat.  It's great.  Buy it!

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