Tuesday, 11 October 2016

HELLIFAX (Mountain Man #3) by Keith C Blackmore

5 GOLD stars

Zombie Apocalypse/Horror

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What a belter of a book this was!  I've reviewed part one of the series HERE, and part two HERE, loved them both but suspected this one might be even better, and it was.  I believe it could be read as a stand alone, as any info needed from the other books is given, and this is a whole new adventure with many new characters.

The main character is Scott, who became friends with mountain man Gus in the first book ~ this follows his fortunes as he sets off for Halifax (Canada, not Yorkshire!) to seek out the evil Tenner, who massacred his friends.  In 'Hellifax' Scott meets up with a new group, martial arts student and teacher Amy and Vick, and former cop Buckle, amongst others.  The book's written partly from his POV and partly from that of psychopath Tenner ~ and, talking of psychopaths, we also meet the terrifying Norsemen, a group of road warriors who know no fear and have an alternative strategy when it comes to keeping themselves fed and alive.

Then there are the rats....

This is not a zombie apocalypse book for the faint of heart, and there are no nice little groups of survivalists.  It's horror, from beginning to end.  Absolutely gripping, I loved it from start to finish, one of the best books I've read this year.  The story itself is multi-faceted and unpredictable with never a dull or safe moment, and the characterisation is terrific, too.  There are a few editing 'glitches' but they're minor, and didn't spoil it at all.  At the end there's an author's note saying that Blackmore was not sure if there would be a book 4, but happily there is.  I am now going to start reading it. :)

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