Sunday, 13 October 2019

Little Known Gems: Part #1: Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian/SciFi/Military

Why do some books do well on Amazon and some don't?

After 8 years of being involved in the self-pub world, I've come to the conclusion that Amazon sales can (but not always) have little to do with the book's quality, exposure on social media, the cover, the blurb, the genre, whatever.  It might be simply that it never got enough initial, regular sales and reviews to click the Amazon algorithms into 'start recommending and making generally visible to readers' mode.   

And if your book doesn't hit that wave, it can become all but invisible on the site where most people buy their ebooks.  The less it sells, the less it will continue to sell.  If Amazon was a physical library, it would be tucked away on the bottom of a dusty shelf at the back.

I decided to start a short (and probably irregular) series of recommendations for books that really ought to sell brilliantly, because they're exceptionally good.  

This isn't just me giving a shout-out for some writer friends, or saying, 'this is quite good, you might like it'.  I'm saying this: 

If this is your genre, you'll love it, 
because it's seriously terrific

I've chosen books that an Amazon robot must have mis-filed on that dusty back shelf, or left in the stockroom by mistake—today, though, they're where they should be: on one of those cool little display things at the front, near the counters :)

Click the book's title for my review, and Amazon buy links

The Last Feast by Zeb Haradon (novella)
SciFi - Post Apocalyptic - Space

Farm Land: Sentience by G Lawrence
Dystopian - SciFi - Horror

The Bledbrooke Works by John F Leonard

The Morning Star by C W Hawes
Post Apocalyptic 

Jonah by Carl Rackman 
Military - Paranormal - Thriller

October Rain by Dylan Morgan (novella)
SciFi - Post Apocalyptic - Dystopian

Future Perfect by Katrina Mountfort
Sci-Fi - Dystopian - Post apocalyptic

By The Feet Of Men by Grant Price
Dystopian - Post Apocalyptic - Climate Change

The Turning of the World by John Privilege
Post Apocalyptic 

X by Jack Croxall (short story)
Post Apocalyptic

Next time: Historical Fiction

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