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Post Apocalyptic, zombies, thriller

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If you loved 28 Days Later, you MUST read this!

Well! This was the first book I'd ever read about a zombie apocalypse - and I LOVED it! Because it's not about zombies, really - okay, there's a fair bit of gory description, but this is a book about people, about human nature, about how in any microcosm of society (like the group of survivors on the pier), there still rise up the leaders, the sheep, the carers, the power hungry, the practical, the weak, the turncoats, the good and the evil.

I so much liked Warren, the main character (I love intelligent, practical people who don't mince their words), and had a certain affection for his sister Carla, and brother in law Rick. The character of dastardly 'Doughy' Austin was brilliantly portrayed. It's a sharp, funny book, as well as being so tragic. Loads of astute observations, and so many thought provoking aspects - how Warren felt so 'alive' because all he had to concentrate on was survival. What was also so notable was, of course, how quickly society breaks down and how priorities change; I liked the bit where he found a twenty pound note in his pocket and saw it as just a bit of purple toilet paper.

This book really needs a sequel - I was trying to make it end less quickly when I got to 96%, and I so want to know what happens next. Negatives? There are a few editing/proofreading errors, but they're nothing horrendous and don't stop me wanting to give this five stars. The only other negative is that it put my iPad in danger - I couldn't stop reading it, and so had to carry on doing so IN THE BATH - not a sensible thing to do!

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