Monday, 22 December 2014


4 out of 5 stars

Novella, Family drama

Originally posted on Amazon HERE on 26 July 2013

I believe that writing well is something you can either do or you can't do; I think being able to engage a reader is a talent you're born with, and cannot be taught or learned. Yes, you can improve upon what you have, but you need to be a natural storyteller to begin with. Kimberly Biller is one of these.

I love books (a novella, in this case) that teach me about something of which I have no knowledge. This story is about an eleven year old girl living in a dirt-poor southern US state, and has no intriguing plot or amazing twists, it's just a perfect snapshot of life. The whole story came alive in my mind, and I could picture it all. Right from the first page I was reading it in a southern US accent (happily, not out loud!). It's worth 77p of anyone's money and certainly an hour of your time!

I hope that at some point Ms Biller will write something longer, in the same vein - she certainly should!

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