Monday, 22 December 2014


3 out of 5 stars

Lad Lit

Originally posted on Amazon HERE on 6 October 2013

I did quite enjoy reading this book, and indeed have read a lot worse, but.... it was yet another 'lad lit' sterotype - the every-man type hero who is goodlooking, but not THAT goodlooking, has made some severe life choice errors in the past and is thought of as a bit of a loser by most but still has enough charisma to get the girl, is sensitive, self-effacing, makes a few 'goofy' balls-ups to make the reader titter, and has the odd quirk to make him a bit 'zany' - with Stephen McQueen it's the famous name, the fact that he has no fridge, and the obsession with watching old films projected onto the wall of his 'studio flat'.

It was one of those books where you know exactly who he's going to end up with on her first appearance in the story. Not one single surprise in the whole thing, I quite enjoyed reading it but from about half-way through was tempted to skim to the end to see if I was right about what would happen. I was, of course. Not only about who he'd end up with, but the rest of the plot, too.

Not bad, but forgettable.

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