Monday, 22 December 2014

THE FOURSOME by Jane Fallon

3 out of 5 stars

Contemporary Drama

Originally posted on Amazon HERE on 10 December 2013

When I started reading this book I was loving it, and thought, oh yes, this will definitely be one of those up-all-night, five star books, but then it just... wasn't.

I thought Rebecca was so real, and not because she was overweight, but partly because she admitted to feeling ill towards people, particularly her co-worker, Lorna - who was a terrific character. There were so many opportunities here, to make this book really darkly, horribly amusing, with the dreadful Lorna encroaching into every corner of Rebecca's life, but then she just fell flat. By half way through I was no longer reading the book I'd enjoyed so much at the beginning. It seemed that the first third of the book was spent building up all the dilemmas and difficulties, then the second two thirds spent calming them all down again and making everything all 'nice', with very little conflict. Lorna had huge potential as anti-heroine, but it wasn't explored. There was too much detail about the ins and outs of the agency, too; I wanted to know about the relationships between the books' main characters and found myself skip reading.

Loved the writing style, just disappointed in that Ms Fallon didn't finish what she'd started. Will try another by her, though.

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