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5 out of 5 stars

Time Travel, Rock Music, Humour

Originally posted on Amazon HERE on 11 Oct 2012

I loved this book! If you love rock music, time travel, stuff about government conspiracies, and a good laugh, you'll love it too.

KJ Bennett has done something that many try and fail to do - he's created a truly fascinating, absorbing character. Rathbone Kydd is someone you'd like to know in real life, who you'd fancy if you're a woman and envy if you're a bloke. I want more of him!

If you're reading this review you've probably read the blurb, and know that Rathbone is a rock musician who inadvertently time travels from 1979 to 2012 - much of the first part of the book is Rathbone's account of the events that led up to this; I so enjoyed this part. It was absolutely spot on.

The only fault I can find is that I would have liked more evidence of Rathbone being astounded by the differences between everyday life in 1979 and 2012 - there was a fair bit, but I felt this element had endless mileage, humour wise, and was not milked to its full extent - however, this is hardly a fault!

The actual plot is unusual and held my interest in itself; the whole novel is clever in its humour and very well written, with none of the 'clunky' sentences or dodgy punctuation that can make me abandon a book early - KJ writes like a professional. I guessed the main plot twist - or what I thought was the main one, until I read the last few chapters - but it in no way spoilt my enjoyment of the book and all its characters (loved Nettles and Newcombe, and the awful Madeleine!) The ending was terrific - so often one feels let down by an ending, does one not? Rathbone Kydd's finale left me with a smile on my face. I so hope this is not the end of him...

Read it!

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