Tuesday 23 December 2014

THE DEAD LANDS by Dylan J Morgan


Post apocalyptic, sci-fi, thriller, dystopia

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This is, without a doubt, in the top five 'indie' books I've ever read, and one of the best books I've read in a few years, full stop.

Right. I thought I didn't like Sci-Fi. I'm not that into spaceships and mutant beings, which is what I thought ScFi was... duh.  I've since had the full genre explained to me, by the way.  Anyway - it was my love of the whole post-apocalyptic thing that made me want to read this book, as well as its excellent title. I am so glad I made that choice!

Basic plot: a motley crew of soldiers are sent from one planet to save the president of a second planet. President has lain in cryogenic suspension since an end-of-world nuclear war a hundred years before.

Dylan Morgan is one hell of a writer. Each character comes alive immediately; we are given no description, physical or otherwise, but I could tell EXACTLY what each person was like almost as soon as they were introduced - a rare talent indeed. The Dead Lands is told mostly from the point of view of Lane, a former soldier and current bounty hunter, but also with guest appearances from other members of the team and connected characters, including one chapter from the point of view of one of the mutants. Very, very clever indeed, and actually put a different slant on the whole thing.

Morgan's writing is clear, concise, never rambling. He understands dramatic impact, suspense, pathos, emotion, though I suspect all this is executed automatically, as it is with those who can write this well. If you like this sort of book you will LOVE this, and I think you will even if, like me, you suspect it might not be your sort of thing. Why? Because Morgan realises something important. A truly great novel is all about the CHARACTERS, not about the plot. The plot is terrific, too, but this story is about human nature: love, loss, greed, betrayal, despair, optimism, friendship, family and strength.

Highly, HIGHLY recommended. I suspect that I do like SciFi after all... and that I might be raving about this book for quite a while. 

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  1. A great sounding Book

  2. Thank you Terry. :-)

  3. This is 77p from 26th Dec to 1st of January. I'm downloading it tomorrow. It looks superb!