Tuesday 23 December 2014

LUKE'S #1 RULE by Cynthia Harrison

4 out of 5 stars

Romance, addiction

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This was an interesting story, with much more about it than just your average romance. Indeed, it's not so much about love as family dilemma, based around single mum Chloe's desire to move three thousand miles to start a great new job and provide a better life for her and her children. I felt sorry for Chloe, who gets emotional blackmail from all angles! By putting her children first she is accused of being selfish - a hard one, with no easy answer. I liked the small town feel very much.

What really takes this book to another level is the storyline surrounding Chloe's ex, an alcoholic who's also addicted to drugs both prescribed and illegal. I thought the author dealt with this subject spectacularly well. Spence's childish self-indulgence coupled with self-hatred are beautifully observed, and it's obvious that Ms Harrison really knows her subject, whether from experience or detailed and clever research. The reader sees the problems of addiction within familes from the points of view of the addict, the partner who left, and the partner who is currently dealing with the situation; Bettina, the current partner, goes through several stages of optimism, denial, depression, etc. Very cleverly done, and I thought Ms Harrison's 'no frills' writing style really came into its own during these parts. Bravo!

I think this book would be enjoyed by anyone who likes a contemporary family drama, slightly edgy, with a bit of romantic, sexy stuff thrown in, in the form of Luke, the man with the rule he's so determined not to break...

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