Tuesday, 23 December 2014


4 out of 5 stars

Psychological drama

Originally posted on Amazon UK HERE on 4 August 2014
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Well, I wasn't expecting this! What an unusual book - I've read excerpts from Bev Spicer's humorous memoir series and am impressed that she can turn her hand to something so different, and as powerful as this, too.

I love it when writers dare to create a protagonist who isn't altogether likeable - to me, this makes the parts where you DO feel sympathy for Alex Crane have more effect. I really liked the way it's written in the present tense, a hard thing to carry off as it can come over as a bit contrived or get tedious, but it works very well in this case (unlike in this review, in which the tenses are all over the place, but never mind).

I read the book in two halves, the second after quite a gap as I suddenly found it a bit depressing and wanted to read something lighter, but that's in no way meant as a negative comment as it's very good - if you like dark, intense psychological studies, you will love this.

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