Tuesday, 23 December 2014

TWO RIVERS by Zoe Saadia

5 out of 5 stars

History, Native Americans, adventure

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I think that historical fiction should be entertaining, while being expertly researched and teaching the reader about the period. Two Rivers ticks these boxes, and more. It's a simple story, written in Zoe Saadia's very, very readable style, but it tells so much. I never knew anything about the Great League of the Iroquois which is said to have been a great influence on the latter day USA constitution - I've started to learn all about it this weekend, whilst reading a cracking good story!

Ms Saadia has a wonderful knack of showing how human nature remains the same, in any century and in any setting. Her accounts are not wordy, or overly descriptive, and she never tries to be clever, but her characters and situations are so alive. The writing is never self-conscious, and flows so beautifully that my editing hat falls off, forgotten - a sure sign, for me, that a book is really worth reading! If you have any interest at all in native American history you really should read this, and if you haven't you will still enjoy it. It's a complete story in itself whilst being beautifully set up for the sequel, Across the Great Sparkling Water, which I shall be purchasing shortly!

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