Monday, 22 December 2014


5 out of 5 stars

Novelette, Stammering, Family drama

Originally posted on Amazon HERE on 20 December 2013

I thought this was so good - just the right length for the story, very 'real', and not just because it deals with such an unglamorous subject, ie, stammering (not stuttering!). So well told, it flowed beautifully. I know that it was written from personal experience (although not autobiographical), which made it much more interesting because it taught me about something new.

At first I thought, hmm, surely Juliet's parents would have done more to help her, and how come her fiance didn't realise the extent of her problem? But then this was explained, very feasibly, just as I was wondering - I just thought I'd mention that, in case anyone has similar queries.

Please, if you know anyone who suffers or has suffered from this problem, pass it on - it's what would be termed 'inspirational', I think, but without being schmaltzy; the tone is just right.

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