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Originally posted on Amazon UK HERE on 10 July 2014
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If you've just started using Twitter to promote your book and don't know exactly what to do, BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

Right. I am not a Twitter noob. I have been using the site since 2011, have 41,000 followers, often get mentioned in those 'top influencers in my community' things, have found most of my regular readers through and thought I knew virtually everything about Twitter, even though I don't do all of it. However!!! I've just learned a whole bunch of new stuff. Okay, I shall never have a Twitter party, and can't be bothered with the construction of lists, but at least I know where to look if I ever change my mind. More than that, though, there are all sorts of little odd bits of information I didn't know, or just pieces of very sound advice. I've read this book over a period of 24 hours, and it's influenced my Twitter behaviour several times during that day.

I've written articles on Twitter and the indie published writer myself. I won't bother sending them to people from now on - I'll just tell people to get this book. It's written so accessibly, too. I don't agree with absolutely everything in it, but that's okay, because we all have slightly different ways of managing our Twitterly selves. The best thing about it? Rayne has told you EXACTLY why you should not use those 'contributed tweets are provided by @SomeDaftApp' things, why you shouldn't do auto tweets/DMs, how to identify spam and (ro)bot accounts, and how to keep yourself safe and unhacked. If you know someone who reckons they can create a buzz for their book simply by signing up for some app that does all the work for them, buy them this.

I know the danger with such an instruction manual is that it will date - for instance, this was written before the new profiles came into use - but it doesn't matter with this book, as the basics are still there. It will help you to make the most of your Twitter time, and not waste it on spam profiles. Forget all those books that promise to share with you the secrets of becoming an Amazon bestseller - If you're a writer, and you want to get yourself known, this is the book you should buy first. Now!

ps, it's worth getting just for the picture of Sulu the cat in the bird bath...

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