Monday 30 May 2016


5 out of 5 stars

The final book of a 6 part zombie apocalypse series

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What makes a really good book?  These are some of the things: a believable plot, a pace that keeps you turning the pages, characters you feel you know, and care about, situations that affect your emotions.  Forgotten World has all of these; it's the best in this series.  

Vivian, Axl and the gang set out to get their one hope, the virus-immune Angus, to Atlanta, where the CDC are working on a cure.  The road trip is hazardous beyond their expectations, and people get lost on the way.  There were three instances in the second half of the book that actually made me cry - I mean real tears running down my cheeks and sniffing, not just a watery eye!  I can't say which they are or I'll give the plot away, though.  

There were some things about the book I was a bit disappointed with - not knowing what happened to a new favourite character, and the quick disposal of a menace who could have run and run.  And what about The Watchers?  So sinister - I wanted to know more!  Yes, there are editing errors, too - quite a few instances of the wrongly assigned dependent clause (eg, something like "Walking down the road, the bus ran me over" - if you don't know what's wrong with that, ask an editor!), the constant lack of the word 'of' after 'couple' (a couple years, a couple blankets) - fine when in Axl and Angus's dialogue, not so good in Vivian's narrationSome basic proofreading errors, like backwards apostrophes.  But I'd still recommend this book to anyone who likes this genre; Amazon tells us that 5* means 'I loved it'.  I did, I loved this book, and I was so sad to say goodbye to the characters (especially the one we lost last!).   I think the series could have done with one more book, but I've just seen that Kate Mary has also produced 'Broken Stories', so perhaps some of my questions will be answered in that....  I've just downloaded it to start reading immediately!
BROKEN WORLD, the first in this series by Kate Mary is reviewed by me HERE, with links to my reviews of the other four books.  All have Amazon buy links.


  1. Sounds like a great series, Terry. I've read a few books with errors and formatting issues but if the story and characters are well constructed then you stay hooked. Lovely review.

    1. That's how I am, too - if I love a book I can overlook them to a certain extent. Might make me take off a half star if there are too many, but if over 95% of it is written well and without errors, I can carry on reading. I will add, though, that I can only overlook them if I REALLY love a book, ie, if the writer has a big talent for the written word. If not, it's an abandon if it's my own reading choice, and a mediocre review if it's an RBRT choice :) Thanks for reading! x