Saturday, 28 May 2016

NEW WORLD by Kate L Mary

4.5 out of 5 stars

Part 5 of Zombie Apocalypse Series

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So there was me, with The Walking Dead withdrawal symptoms and in need of more zombie apocalypse stuff, when I remembered this series I'd meant to keep up with.  I re-read the first and the second, then decided to get this next one.  I have no longer got episode 4, Lost World, as I'd downloaded it on Kindle Unlimited, and I have a shocking memory, but, happily, most of the story made its way back into my head as I started reading this, and I discovered that it actually works okay as a stand alone, or near enough.

The two groups from Lost World are enduring their first zombie winter in snow-covered Colorado, and wondering what happened to their friends from whom they were separated.  One group is in a small community of about twelve, one in a much larger one, numbering about 200.  But, of course, with any community comes leadership wrangles that are only just beginning. And what will happen when the zombies thaw out?

It's never NOT a good time for a picture of Norman Reedus...

This is a cracking series, a real easy read if you like this sort of thing.  It's told from the points of view of ex stripper Vivian, redneck-with-a-heart Axl, former Hollywood actress Ginny, and her man, Jon.  The characterisation is excellent - I found a new one to love (Jim) and one to hate, too (Dax), and of course there are other worries for all survivors: sometimes the humans are more dangerous than the zombies.  I'm still not sure that Hope Springs holds the answer....

For anyone who's been reading these books, there are two sad losses, from the original group, one of which brought tears to my eyes. I have downloaded Book 6, Forgotten World, and am going to start it as soon as I have posted this!

Book one, BROKEN WORLD is reviewed HERE, with links to my reviews for other 3 books in the series, all with Amazon buy links.


  1. Terry, I had no idea you were into the zombie apocalypse scene. I've ever been interested! I thought zombies and vampires were on their way out...
    I'm deep into Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Tales series - I supposed the blood and guts of a shield wall is not that much different from cannibal zombie!

    1. Doesn't have to be zombies, Noelle, just all post-apocalyptic. It's not about the zombies, it's about survival in adverse circumstances - that's my slight obsession! You're so right about the blood and guts of a shield wall - I've started to read Bernard Cornwell too - reviewed one Intend to get to rest soon!! x