Friday, 2 January 2015


4 out of 5 stars

Zombie apocalypse

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I did enjoy this - more in some parts than others but I've just had to buy the next one in the series, so it must have been fairly good!

It's the usual end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it stuff, but I liked how the start showed the last remants of order; very eerie how those broke down. Broken World is told in the first person by the main character, trailer-trash-with-a-brain Vivian, who first teams up with two redneck guys, the rather scary Angus and the rather sexy Axl. The story has all the good snippets of hope and despair, with the characters' gradual realisation that the situation is far more terrifying than they realise. It's sharp and spare in the prose style, which I like. My favourite character is the aforementioned sexy Axl.

I got a bit bored at about 65% when the story became a bit too much of a faux The Walking Dead (the missing child, the pregnant woman, the coming across of a mixed group with token ethnic minorities, the token old guy with the wisdom of years, the fella with limited but useful medical knowledge, even down to the young Asian guy who says 'I'm Korean' when someone refers to him as Chinese), but then it picked up again with the inclusion of a selfish billionaire all the characters (and the readers) can love to hate. I do get that stories of this type will have certain similarities, after all! The ending was fab - for people who don't like cliffhangers (so that you will have to buy the next book) this might be irritating, but I don't mind that format - it's only like a cliffhanger at the end of a TV series.

The only other minor moan I have is the amount of characters with similar names, which makes for confusing reading: Al, Axl, Angus, Anne, Ava.

Yes, it's good - if you like zombie apocalypse books I'd say it was definitely worth a read. Well, I'm about to start the next one, anyway!

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